Your Trusted Title Loans in Amarillo, Texas

How To Apply

Got a phone number?

Expect a call from our loan specialist shortly after submitting your application.

Got a vehicle?

We'll need to know the model, make and mileage to figure out the fair market value of your vehicle.

Once you've sent it all in, you'll have a free auto loan estimate generated on the spot for your consideration until one of our representatives can touch base with you at their earliest convenience.

Naturally, the title that you present us should be relieved of any liens attached to it, although there are circumstances where we can still accept the title as collateral against the loan money even if payments are due on it. However, the loan size will usually be smaller as a result of this. Since title loans work off the value of your vehicle, any payments that are still owed on it will count against its trade momentum when getting car title loans in or near Amarillo, TX.

In addition, we also recommend that you furnish proof of solid, steady income, as this will improve our confidence in your ability to relieve your debt in timely fashion. Although it's better if your income is earned from a job, you may still be eligible for title loans Amarillo while benefiting from government assistance programs such as disability and unemployment.

About Us

Nestled right inside Amarillo, TX, Canfield Title Solutions brings law-abiding title-based lending services to Texas residents in and around the area. We're aware that not all auto pawn companies are completely honest with their clientele, which is why we've made it a point that our business is here to help you get back in yours.

The good news is, Texas is especially strict when it comes to the legality of short-term lending operations like our own. Most lending companies have a plethora of guidelines to stay within during every step of the process in gathering information and creating a loan for clients, but not all of them stick as closely to things as they should.

Usury is neither usual nor legal. Your overhead rates will never exceed 10%. That's a hard legal barrier with zero recourse or exception. Did we also mention that usury is a felony?

Absence of legal representation is, in fact, absence of legality. Our loan specialists are legally scrutinized for their study, dedication and honesty into the creation and distribution of title loans in or near Amarillo, TX.

Don't sweat the fears of seizure Legally, we can't repossess your vehicle unless you're more than 30 days delinquent on fulfilling your loan payments. However, we still encourage clients to refinance for more time to finish paying the loan off.

"Loan entrapment" is indeed recognized. By law, we must collect evidence of your income as a means of determining what payment schedule you can afford within a timely reimbursement window.

The terms are what they are — the ink is dry. There are no circumstances under which our company is permitted to violate the terms or conditions of the title loan agreement.

Are you ready to put the jumper cables on your future with Canfield Title Solutions!?

How It Works

True to their name, Amarillo car title loans rely on the strength of your vehicle's fair market value. This is why we need to collect information on your vehicle during the application process. However, we don't claim the vehicle itself while you pay us back; rather, we ask for the title instead, which serves as a convenient substitute. This is easier for both parties, as it allows you to continue driving as usual and simplifies the exchange process on our end.

Relinquishing the title is just a temporary matter. As collateral would have it, you'll receive it back in due time once your loan has been paid off. We're not authorized to modify your title in any way, shape or form while you're in the middle of paying off your loan. This means that when you receive your title again, its function and value won't have changed in any way.

Because title loans rely on your vehicle to derive the amount of loan money that you can take out, there are absolutely no credit checks during the process of assessing your eligibility. As a result, it's quite difficult to miss out on getting car title loans in Amarillo, TX. The two questions to ask yourself are this: Are you listed in authoritative capacity on an auto title? If so, are you willing to temporarily part ways with this title for the cash you need?